• What is Online Reputation?

    Online Reputation is a cumulative opinion of others, formed by experts such as bloggers, review organisations, or even consumers who post reviews. One review doesn’t form a reputation but a collection of reviews does.

    Warren Buffett

    Management responses also play an important part in your Online Reputation. 

    Businesses need to be monitoring these reviews and understand them. You need to understand what they saying, how they are saying it and how it influences overall ratings for your business. Ultimately, you need to see the information that is influencing consumers choices when making decisions about their purchase.

    Consumers may not even consider or even see a hotel or restaurant which ranks low in overall review scoring – that is, because of a weak online reputation! So, Online Reputation Management influences feelings of trust and trust is a key factor to building positive attitudes towards your business.

    Whether or not your business responds to negative online reviews, and how the you respond, influences the feelings of trust that readers of the reviews feel towards your business. Online Reputation Management influences consumer choices amongst your competitors.

    As I previously mentioned, trust is a key factor in building positive attitudes towards your business. The key point here is that responding to reviews not only influences the attitudes of the person who wrote the review, but more importantly can influence the attitudes of the hundreds or thousands of potential customers who also read the conversation!

    Online Reputation Management can also be a source of information for your business to help improve or better focus your service offerings. Used by itself, or with other forms of consumer survey information to evaluate performance, consumer perception, and brand representation over time.

    We all know that the Isle of Wight has a huge tourism and hospitality presence. Reputation management is important because it can influence consumer choice amongst your many competitors. Influence your customers attitudes and trust towards your business!

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