• Some of the Most Amusing Brand Social Media Responses


    Unfortunately,  you can’t control the weird and wonderful posts and tweets that appear in your social media newsfeeds, but you can control how you respond. Yes, it can be a tricky task, but these brands have mastered how to show their personality and human-like quality in their social media responses that people just can’t ignore.


    Sainsbury’s turned this complaint around by being clever, witty and helpful and it works out beautifully. If you take a look at their tweets & replies feed it demonstrates how active their social customer care is. Inspiring stuff!

    sainsburys 1 Sainsburys 2 sainsburys 3


    Eagle-eyed customers were quick to spot an unofficial Greggs logo on Google’s search engine and Twitter users had a wild time spreading the word about this revelation. Google fail or a clever viral marketing tactic? Either way, Greggs social customer care team had a hell of a day but handled it perfectly.



    Greggs 1

    Greggs 2

    greggs 3


    Oreo thought they’d be clever by suggesting that their cookies would make an ideal snack to take to the movie theatre. This time, we witness a bit of brand-to-brand banter – AMC Theatres retweet response provided much amusement for their online audience.



    Domino’s did the right thing by responding to this Twitter enquiry – it’s the customer’s response that’s comedy gold!



    Here’s a customer enquiry that the Waterstones social customer care weren’t expecting! They added a bit of humour to the mix by keeping their bystanders updated.



    Building trust is a key factor in building a positive rapport with customers. Argos did this by bravely mirroring the customer’s personality – the result is very amusing!


    Virgin Trains

    Last but not least, the Virgin Trains Twitter team save a man caught in quite a predicament. For some reason, this guy’s instinct was to tell the world about his misfortune! The response was certainly unexpected…

    Virgin trains 1 Virgin trains 2


    I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did! I know they’re quite extreme examples, but I hope it demonstrates just how social media gives brands the opportunity to really show-off their personality in their social media responses and how it benefits their online reputation.

    Social media is all about conversation – it’s SOCIAL media after all! So get stuck in and don’t be afraid to show people that your brand can by funny and helpful at the same time. Just remember to keep it relevant and bear in mind the type of customer you’re talking to. Done in the right way, it’ll win over your customers and you can have a bit of fun too!

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