• My Personal Experiences with TripAdvisor

    My boyfriend and I absolutely love TripAdvisor! Why? Because by using TripAdvisor we never have a disappointing trip away, and it’s quite simply because it helps us to make an informed decision about the best place to stay. It provides us with opinions of other wise travellers and an overall review score for accommodation we’re considering before we make that final commitment.

    But we don’t just use TripAdvisor to plan our trips. Whenever we’re away we always have our mobiles to hand, ready to tap into our TripAdvisor apps to help us make decisions about where to eat or perhaps where to visit.


    Reception area at the Best Western Plus

    The best burger at the Best Western!

    On a recent trip to Bournemouth, one of the first things we did when we arrived at our hotel was check TripAdvisor to see where the best places were to eat. We were hungry after our travels! We simply looked up the places with the best ratings near to our hotel. It actually turned out that the restaurant in our hotel was one of the best places around and boy were all those savvy reviewers right! Well done to Best Western Plus,The Connaught Hotel. Amazing service, amazing attention to detail, and amazing meal. We were so impressed with our stay, we just had to write a review.



    Beautiful Reykjavik

    Bæjarins Beztu

    Bæjarins Beztu. Yum!

    I once booked a surprise trip for my boyfriend to Iceland (never again, the pressure was too much!). Being a very special and unique gift I naturally wanted to find the very best place to stay. My search of course, was powered by TripAdvisor! Yes, it took several hours (and then some!) searching and weighing up my options, but I couldn’t have made that tough decision without the help of the many reviews from savvy travellers. I even booked up a couple of the best excursions based on TripAdvisor reviews so it was something we didn’t have to worry about when we got there. We also discovered a very popular hot dog stand, Bæjarins Beztu, Reykjavik, which apparently even the locals queue up for hours for! We wouldn’t have even considered if it wasn’t for the glowing reviews on TripAdvisor. I’m a little ashamed to say that we loved the hot dogs a little bit too much and ended up having two each!

    It’s always very exciting arriving at your destination, but can also be a little bit daunting, especially when you’re abroad. Fear not when you have the internet! Yes, you can get advice from the receptionist at your accommodation, but when you can also get advice from millions of travellers at the touch of a button it would be silly not to take a peek.

    Like many travellers our search for that perfect trip is definitely influenced by reviews and those reviews have a huge impact on our decision making. We all know that time is precious when you go away and you want every aspect of your trip to be the best it possibly can.

    How do you use TripAdvisor? Are your travelling decisions based on what you read?


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