• How the Internet Changed Customer Behaviour

    Once upon a time, before the Internet graced us with it’s presence, when customers wanted to make a complaint, or owl ie logooffer positive feedback, they would write a letter, use the telephone, or simply gossip to others on their morning tea break!

    During the old skool days, the average dissatisfied customer told 10 others, while the average satisfied customer told 3 others. Those days are long gone!

    Never underestimate just how powerful the internet can be when it comes to others talking about your business! In 2009 musician Dave Carroll witnessed United Airlines employees mishandling his guitars.  So he created a video about it which went viral, and it has been viewed more than 14 million times on YouTube. Yes, customers can shout about your business just as much as you if they really want to! Unfortunately these types of complaints can’t be stored away and forgotten about like an old complaint letter tucked away inside a customer service drawer.

    Another perfect example is the “Yours is a Very Bad Hotel” complaint that some unhappy guests turned into a PowerPoint presentation back in 2001. It’s still floating around the web with millions of views!

    Now, consider that in 2014, TripAdvisor reached more than 315 million unique monthly visitors, and over 200 million reviews and opinions. The point is, now more than ever, customer conversations about your business need to be monitored and managed. Because millions of people may be watching.


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