• Are You in Control of Your Online Reputation?



    Reputation management is all about understanding what everyone is saying about you or your business. You need to make sure you’re really aware of what those comments are, whether that be from one person to their friend, or amongst others on sites like Twitter, Facebook, or TripAdvisor.


    Facebook logoReputation management’s is about monitoring what is being said about you in the public sphere. Use it to understand if there are any gaps between the expectations of your customers when they visit your business and the delivery of the service that you provide. Learning from that feedback will help your ongoing business development. You also want to encourage customers to provide feedback publicly again.

    Trip Advisor logoThe Hospitality & Tourism industry is particularly vulnerable to online reviews affecting their reputation. Reputation management is all about what your customers say your reputation is and this is mainly due to popular review sites like TripAdvisor. Business reputation used to be controlled by the brand or the property and these days it really is in the hands of the customers! Your customers determine what your reputation is and how your brand is represented.


    If you are not paying attention to your online reputation then you are doing so at your own risk because your potential customers are going to be looking at online resources that make up your online reputation. So Trip Advisor reviews, Facebook mentions, Twitter mentions, all contribute to an online reputation. If you’re not monitoring them and engaging in the conversation in those channels, you’re not communicating with an enormous percentage of potential customers, and leaving your reputation into the hands of everyone else without having any sort of contribution to it.


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