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    If you didn’t already know, I am very passionate about the world of social customer service. It’s exciting, it’s fast-paced and it’s fun! The way you engage with your customers can truly have a huge impact on your business.

    I love it when I come across companies that are totally nailing their social customer service presence because it shows that they care and are prepared to listen and engage with their online followers. By providing the ultimate customer experience, they are building a successful online reputation for their brand and this means that they are standing out from the crowd amongst their competitors!

    KLM’s Social Customer Care Team

    KLM Airlines are a prime example of providing awesome social customer service. Today they have 150 people dedicated to providing social customer service, who currently handle 60,000 queries a week, 24/7 and in 14 languages! 

    These guys don’t answer the phone, or reply to emails – they are purely social customer service. This means they can ensure that social media enquiries can be responded to within their 60 minute time frame. However, they are currently striving to get their response times down to 30 minutes! Why? Because of customer demand. They listen, and they take action.

    Each reply is tailored and personalised to each customer – they don’t just direct the customer to a link on another channel and there’s no automated responses here! They fully engage in conversation on the social media platform that the customer has contacted them on.

    In addition to providing awesome customer support, they are now using social media as a revenue stream by almost entirely managing bookings via Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites. Amazing.


    KLM Social Media Quote


    Meeting Customer Expectations

    It’s all about constant communication with their customers. KLM understand that customers want to know what to expect from them, so they even provide a real-time insight into their social media response times by constantly updating their social media cover images with this information. Now that’s smart…


    KLM Twitter Cover
    KLM Twitter Cover
    KLM Facebook cover

    KLM Facebook Cover


    Yes, KLM take social customer service very seriously – they meet their customer demand and do it well.

    I know this is an example of a very big, well established company, but that doesn’t mean that your small to medium business can’t have a go at providing awesome customer service on social media too.

    Commit to meeting your customers needs, get ahead of your competitors and you will achieve very rewarding results for your business. Plus it’s actually quite fun – so get engaging!

    Feeling inspired? You can find out more about the amazing KLM social media team via the KLM Blog.


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