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I will cater for your exact training requirements - you tell me which areas of social media marketing you would like to cover, or if you're not sure what you need to know I will happily make suggestions.



I can include hands-on, practical exercises with you at your laptop or PC, to give you the opportunity to practice your skills, and help you retain as much knowledge as possible about social media marketing and social media management. 

Private Training


Our one-to-one private training session means that you can ask questions as you go, and be open about your challenges with social media marketing and social media management. We can spend more time on topics you want to focus on without any interruptions.

Keep it Relevant


I will guide you on how to keep your social media marketing in line with your overall marketing objectives and relevant to your target market – we'll look at who you need to reach out to so that you can really maximise your online exposure.


Create Interesting and Engaging Posts


Let followers do your social media marketing for you! The more that people like, comment and share your posts, the more online communities will be aware of your business. I will create and schedule posts for your social media platforms to encourage your audience to engage and interact with your brand.

Interaction with Industry News & Key Influencer


Engaging with key influencers plays an important role in social media marketing.  On behalf of your business, I will tap into the audiences that you've not yet been able to reach by engaging with industry news and people that can have a powerful influence in spreading the word about your business.

Professional Social Media Profiles


Your social media profile pages are the window into your business and should be part of any social media marketing strategy - first impressions always count! If you need a hand with setting them up then I can create professional and informative profiles to drive people to your business.

Engaging Social Media Competitions


Competitions play a key role in social media marketing and are a great way to engage with your audience in a fun, playful way and grow your business on social media. I will carefully plan and execute your competition to increase engagement, follower numbers, and brand loyalty.

Social Media Customer Care Management


The way you engage with your customers can have a huge impact on your business. As part of social media management, I will provide first class social customer service on behalf of your business by actively monitoring your social media channels for customer comments and tailoring responses to your each of your customers needs.

Proactive Social Media Engagement


There maybe online conversations related to your business that you're not aware of. As part of my social media management services I will monitor for relevant conversations across social networks about your brand or industry, and engage on behalf of your business. It's all about reaching out to potential customers and increasing existing customer satisfaction.

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